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About Me

I am a professional photographer specializing in portraiture and commercial photography. I love all aspects of photography, of chasing beautiful light, spectacular moments, and those intricate details that mesmerize us all. I love grabbing my cameras and the rest of my gear and setting off for photo-shoots. I thrive on these opportunities of meeting new and interesting people. The images I capture although they tell the story of my clients, it is through my eyes and my interpretation – the inner artist.


Photography has really opened up a new world for me. I lived much of my life in Italy in the little town of Poggibonsi between Siena and Florence surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Chianti region. I was an artist who had studied at the state Institute of Art in Siena, specializing in painting but also sculpture, pottery, print, and unforgettably, the developing of black-and-white photographs in the darkroom. When I reflect on my life I have always been surrounded by beautiful landscapes and art. The fields of poppies and sunflowers; the golden of wheat; the twisted country lanes; the cobblestone streets; the olive trees and those endless vineyards were marvelous inspiration for my paintings and photographs. And yet in 2007 I moved to a foreign land to the beautiful shores of Australia.


After my daughter Megan was born I yearned for some creative outlet. Picking up a paint brush and losing myself in a painting was not going to be an option, but photography I could see as a possibility in this busy yet precious time. With this in mind I had my mum post over my old Yashica SLR camera and, once here, I finished the roll that had been tucked inside it for years. It was a double delight to discover when I developed the film, not only did I have images of my beautiful blue-eyed baby girl, but also those of Tuscan fields carpeted in sunflowers that I so dearly missed.


Needless to say one thing often leads to another and that same year I was introduced to my first digital SLR and discovered the world of pixels. My thirst for photographic knowledge and what opportunities I could draw on from other professionals in the industry took my work in many leaps and bounds and exciting directions from weddings, maternity and family photos, to proms, commercial work and even photojournalism. Since 2012 I have built a successful career and business as a freelance photographer and I also established myself as a practicing artist. Using photography as my vehicle to connect with others and become a part of a community.


To date I have held 4 solo exhibitions in Brisbane, Bundaberg and Childers and I have been a semi-finalist in the Freemantle Portrait Prize two years in a row.


I immerse myself totally in projects and bodies of work. My most successful to date has been Foreign Land which has been developed in to a touring exhibition that will tour regional Galleries in 2017 -2018. The exhibition has also been published in an accompanying catalogue featuring the portraits and life stories of 32 migrants. To have published a book in English, my second language, is a proud achievement for me.


I am a hardworking artist always willing to try new experiences. Last was ‘Species’ an installation artwork that has been exhibited in a curated group exhibition called Tag & Release that opened at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery in October 2016 and the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art in Brisbane later in November 2016. After the creation of ‘Species’ I have been absorbed mind and soul creating works for my latest project Ego where I am turning the camera on myself to try and capture the elusive and intangible emotions that plague us all.


It’s hard looking back to believe the journey that I have taken thus far with photography and I’m truly excited about the adventure and possibilities that lie ahead.  I look forward to continuing capturing and sharing those special moments in people’s lives and meeting with new and old clients.

Sabrina x

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